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Every Thursday currently meeting  9 am till 2 pm for creating with like minds, 

Coffee, Chats at the hall between the Heritage park and Mc Donalds Moe. 

We come together to create, have conversations and share experiences.

Opportunity to sit and work on productions for the day, Paintings, Drawings and Craft.

Together sharing, exploring, practicing your artistry and finding support 


From the President 

If you are a budding or established artist or would like to rekindle some skills you developed in past years, then we invite you to join our Art Group. We are a small friendly group who gather together on Thursdays to self instruct, share our skills and knowledge, and our passion for art. Join us between 9am - 2pm on Thursdays at the Narracan Hall, Old Gippstown Heritage Park in Moe, call for more information


The Moe Art Society was inaugurated in 1944 ‘for the encouragement of art in the Moe district’, to develop the practice of art and art appreciation.

The Moe Art Society maintains the ideals of its founders – for the encouragement of art. We are a non-profit organisation managed by volunteers who actively organise regular workshops, demonstrations, art classes for school children and art shows for members to exhibit and sell their artwork.



We often write about ways to make you a more technical painter !!,

How to accurately paint what you see, 

How to identify and mix colours, 

How to render shapes and forms, .......but what about the other side of painting? 

The side that deals with emotion, intuition, expression. 

The side that cannot be explained with logic or reason.

I remember listening to master artist Jeff Watts talk about this side of painting in a video. He described intuitive artists like Nicolai Fechin and Dean Cornwell (mind my paraphrasing): 

“Cornwall would pick up red, blue, green, yellow, and then he would pull a stroke. You cannot tell me that there is any way in this universe of knowing what exactly is going to come down off that brush when you just picked up five things randomly.

The only thing that could help dictate what’s going to happen is intuition.

That’s it. A feeling. A gut feeling.”

Hearing this for the first time was like a breath of fresh air. I knew intuition existed in painting, but it is rarely talked about, especially not by academic painters. The point is, I don’t want you to think that painting is all logical and rational, Emotion and intuition have an important place in painting. They should not be locked up behind reason and logic. The key is finding a balance between the two sides. The best paintings are a marriage between logic and intuition. They feature a technical strength that embodies all the artist’s knowledge, experience, and training. But there is something else. 

An “X factor” that cannot be explained, taught or replicated. What’s your “X factor”

Happy painting!



The group is a very friendly and relaxed one, never intimidating. Members can work in a variety of mediums and styles, with their artistic experience varying from beginners to professional artists.

Have general conversations and enjoy the morning or day together 

We also welcome new members and visitors.