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A successful opening was had, 

the “ exhibition” was successful, 

our new "[email protected] “ worked in well 

sharing with the community   


Hello everyone.. With the Exhibition now over for 2021 we are now focusing on the new year plans ahead, with many ideas floating for members we are well underway and after a pleasing and fantastic exhibition, a note to say unfortunately we entered as did all the covid lockdowns. However we returned to the magnificent display of members work.

The Moe Art Society was set out at the Moe Regional Library up, On a positive note... works were being sold and its a pleasure to see members works hung in a beautiful environment of the Latrobe Library open for the public. 

The [email protected] went ahead following the exhibition and the public while restricted were welcome to participate in conversation.  Its been an unsettling time for all and everyone in the public and businesses alike during this COVID period. The Art Society understands this and is working hard to keep up with rules and will be strictly monitored.  Given COVID we know the public understands and have enjoyed the experience with us.

If there are any feedback required or positive input, 

feel free to send a message via “contact” page... 

Regards...."MOE ART SOC BOARD” 


The Moe Art Society

 fantastic Exhibition 

"all over and completed for the year"  

“ Spring Exhibition "

followed by an 

'Artists at Work 

These events will be held in the East-end facility of the Latrobe City Library, Moe, with large works shown throughout the Library.  The Exhibition of the collective works of members opens to the public on Saturday the 25th of September at 9am. 

This year we have extended the duration of the Show and offer a fully curated display with over 100 pieces of original artworks by members of the Society.


"Spring Art Exhibition”

will be open from 9am until 5pm on weekdays and 9am until 1pm on Saturdays.

“Artists at Work” 

Will follow the exhibition and provide an opportunity to showcase some of the artists at work discussing with passersby and schools alike 

Due to covid we will keep informed the dates to be included, although is still going ahead and look forward to conversations and seeing you there.. We apologise for any inconvenience,

If there are any issues feel free to send a message via “contact” page

We have been given the opportunity to use this new venue which has been made available to us by the Latrobe City Council. The Society is pleased to be able to offer these events as free entry with opportunities to enter raffles and 

Purchase art, Meet artists 

and watch them work.

We look forward to a successful and enjoyable event for the community.

For any enquiries, Please make Contact thru the contact page

click here to,



Please support our partners as they consistently support the Arts and our Community

 Also listed with contact details also on "Our Sponsors" page.

click here for 

Sponsors  detailed page